Maintaining a home in and of itself is a task. Between minor repairs and daily upkeep, owning a home is a great undertaking that is both rewarding and challenging. When a major project like a home addition is desired, stress is added when contractors go above a projected budget, and take longer than expected–not to mention the interruption and noise, especially when children are in the house. You need the most reliable, professional, safe, and timely home addition contractor Main Line, PA  offers. You need to focus on the HOW.

HOW Building Services Vs. “The Other Guys”

HOW Building Services prides itself on its professionalism, transparency, and quality. They also add value to your home and keep you involved in the process. Remember, it’s your home and your say counts! Below, we’ll address a couple major ways in which HOW Building Services distinguishes itself as the most trusted home addition contractor Main Line, PA has to offer.

  • Transparency. Before the process of actually constructing the addition to your home, a couple common obstacles often get in the way of starting and can make customers wary of contractors. These are the price and the timeline. HOW Building Services will always be upfront with you by keeping lines of communication open and welcome. We won’t quote you anything but a fair and honest price because we pride ourselves on our work alone. HOW Building Services provides quality home improvement services without lacking in transparency or integrity.
  • Professionalism. We understand that, in a family setting, construction jobs like a home addition can disrupt the normal flow of family life, especially with small children running around. At HOW Building Services, our contractors and workers are professional, courteous, and hold to the strictest of standards in order to ease the stress and disorganization of a major project. You can trust the home addition contractor Main Line, PA homeowners have trusted for their quality homebuilding as well as their client relationships. HOW Building Services works with homeowners to reach the common goal of a beautiful and functional addition.

Ready to get started on that construction project you’ve been dreaming of? Call us at (484) 483-1690 or contact us. HOW Building Services is based in Conshohocken, PA. We’re a local company here to help you create where it matters most!

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