The Winning Combo: How To Identify The Best Home Builders PA Has

Republican or Democrat. Regular or diet. Eagles or Cowboys.  On every level, we find ourselves facing situations where we must choose the lesser of two evils, and asking ourselves preposterous questions. How do I want to die–by an overdose of sugar, or by cancer from all the aspartame? It’s quite ironic, actually, that in a country where individualism is king, we find our choices so restricted. Unfortunately, money is king even more than individualism, and money is easily made off of cutting corners, mass design, and mass-production.

Of all the home builders PA has to offer, you might be hard pressed to find one that values craftsmanship and individuality more than How Building Services. 

What Most Home Builders PA Has To Offer Lack

There are many craftsmen: you know the type, the kind of guy who does
his job because he loves it, but underbids every time, forgetting to charge for labor or account for common delays and setbacks.

And there are many custom home builders PA boasts of, where everything is ‘made to order’ and no two jobs look alike.

Put the two together, and you’ve got craftsmanship and individuality. How Building Services achieves that delicate balance in the following ways, none of which come easily, but all of which pay off:

  • By working closely with architects. HOW has several trusted, expert architects with whom we frequently collaborate, effectively functioning as a design-build firm at times, without the hassle or lack of freedom for customers who already have an architect and a plan in mind.
  • By listening. It sounds simple, but any married couple can tell you that it gets a lot harder to listen when life starts to happen. That’s why HOW keeps lines of communication constantly open. You can be sure that if you have a question or need to ask for a change of plans, you won’t be sent to voicemail. It’s part of our duty as a conscientious PA home builder to be available and communicative.
  • By loving innovation, and respecting the past. We frequently find that top rated builders in PA are often called upon to renovate some of the country’s oldest homes. Knowing how to straddle the fine line of respect for the past and classic homes, and innovation in dealing with technology that can streamline your life and make it more ergonomic, is a skill we’ve carefully cultivated.

Want to know more? Curious how this duo of unbeatable qualities can improve your life? Contact How Building Services, or check out our blog today!