There’s always been something that sets homes on the Main Line apart. Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant’s 1940 film, The Philadelphia Story, which depicts the escapades of a witty heiress who lives in a lavish family mansion, was based on the real life of a wealthy Main Line socialite whose grand estate still stands today in nearby Radnor Township. And even though life on the Main Line may have gotten a little faster since the 1940s, the tradition of old-world glamor is still going strong in the idyllic neighborhoods west of Philadelphia.

main line home remodelingHow can you capture a little of this high-society glamor for your own home? Today, the best way to make your home more comfortable and luxurious is by remodeling. A Main Line home remodeling project can . . . .

Add drama. Of course, a custom remodeling project should take your needs into consideration. If your kitchen layout is driving you crazy or your bathroom fixtures need to be updated, that’s an excellent reason to remodel! But your Main Line remodeling project doesn’t have to be purely utilitarian. Don’t be afraid to center your design around some stunning details–like a dining room chandelier or a custom natural stone fireplace. When it comes to details, dream big–you’ll find that these lavish additions can become the focal point of a room.

Preserve the best of the past. A true Main Line home has a sense of timelessness that can come from preserving the best elements of the original building and design. And a good Main Line home remodeling contractor, by definition, is one who can work around unique, original elements to showcase their beauty rather than trying to hide them with an all-new design. Look around your home and ask yourself what elements have a timeless or well-aged quality. In older homes, windows and doors can often be larger than standard modern sizes, which might add frustration during the remodeling process–but when it comes to the feel of your home, such features are absolutely irreplaceable.

If you’re interested in starting your own Main Line home remodeling project, feel free to check out our gallery of completed projects for design inspiration, and contact us for a free collaborative consultation.


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