On the Main Line, luxury has always been a tradition.

main line homeAll you have to do is drive through the stunning neighborhoods northwest of Philadelphia to see what sets Main Line homes apart. Their timeworn stone facades, turrets, lush gardens, and broad shaded porches give an air of old-world glamor that’s almost indescribable.

But if you think that all of the homes on the Main Line date from the Gilded Age, think again! Today, home builders continue to honor the Main Line’s tradition of opulence with new and renovated homes built on classic standards. Here are two important details that can set your Main Line home apart.

2 Qualities of An Exemplary Main Line Home

Curb appeal. Main Line homes are the envy of all their neighbors for one major reason: curb appeal. Whether they’re cozy cottages or sprawling mansions, you don’t even have to go inside to know that these homes are the best of the best! A gorgeous Main Line home is designed to perfectly complement the natural features around it. A classic stone or stucco facade, an inviting front walk, and plenty of space for gardens or lush green lawns are some of the most defining features of a Main Line home.

Craftsmanship. There’s a reason that it’s called “craftsman style”! The best Main Line homes are designed to highlight the natural beauty of traditional materials like wood, stone, and glass. For example, a classic Main Line living room might include a stone fireplace and hearth, rich mahogany trim and built-in bookshelves, and a gorgeous inset stained glass window. Look for details that showcase old-style craftsmanship.

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