Mornings can be tough, the act of dragging yourself out of bed and struggling through that first cup of coffee equivalent to running a marathon. Or perhaps you’re a morning person, and you enjoy the quiet moments before the rest of the family wakes up.

Either way, you may be thinking about adding a morning room addition to your home: a sunny space for your family to gather for breakfast in order to start the day off right. Your morning room should be designed to help you and your family wake up so that everyone – morning bird or night owl – is more prepared to start their day. Here are three morning room additions ideas that will make this space a perfect place to start the day.

3 Design Tips for Your Morning Room Addition

  • morning room additionsLight – When designing a morning room addition, the most important factor is light. The space should foster wakefulness, and what better way to do that than to let in lots of bright morning light. When making your morning room addition plans be sure to consider a variety of window options – skylights, wide bay windows, or french doors. If it’s bright, you’ve got it right.
  • Bright and bold colors – Again, the morning room should be primarily a space that wakes up the senses. Using bright colors, especially yellows, creates a vibrant atmosphere that will prepare you for the day.
  • Outdoors – As much as possible you want to bring the outdoors inside. By adding a window seat or utilizing colors and materials that are outside, the space will be able to mirror the activity of the natural world and help to give you the extra push to start your day.

These are just a few initial tips to help you think about your morning room additions, contact How Building Services for more expert advice about custom additions. How Building Services can help you design and build your perfect morning room.


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