Name 3 service industries. What comes to mind? Perhaps waiter, nurse, or travel guide. However, the industry is far broader than that. Accountants, insurance agents, attorneys, and even remodeling contractors are included in the service industry.

Remodel-ServicesThink about it: remodel services are not about building new structures, but about serving your needs in the practical arena of a home remodel.

What should you expect from a leader in the industry when it comes to remodeling services?

5 Signs Your Contractor is a Leader in Remodel Services

If you compare construction services with a meal at a nice restaurant, what would that look like? Sure, home remodeling services might not come with a side of steak fries, but let’s stretch the analogy to paint a clear picture of what you could be missing out on.

  1. Who is priority number one? A good waiter asks you what you need, and then checks periodically to make sure that your needs are satisfied. It’s the same with any remodeling contractor. Practically, you can identify where they’re at by listening to their patterns of speech. Is it “I, me, me,” “money, money money”? Or “what do you need? Is this what you’re looking for? What do you think about it?”
  1. Timeliness is key. In the service industry, the customer is king. In a restaurant, there are waiters who jump to refill waters or fulfill any requests their customers might have. In home remodeling services, there are contractors who arrive when they say they will, who act quickly on your requests, and who never dilly-dally.
  1. Does he write it down? This seems almost insignificant, but it’s actually very important. Just like a good waiter will at least pretend he is writing down an order, a good contractor will actually take notes of any changes that a customer wants. Not only is that a good practice that ensures there’s a paper trail of your wishes, but it’s also a mark of respect for you and your wishes.

Comparing a remodeling contractor to a waiter might seem like it’s trivializing the very important job that a remodeling contractor does; however, remodel services are a big part of the service industry, and you deserve nothing less than a leader in that industry! You deserve good service, because you’re paying good money. That’s just the way it goes.

Don’t settle for anything less.

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