4 Reasons To Build A West Chester Golf House

Thinking about building a West Chester golf house? Not sure why your loved one is so interested in building a golf house in West Chester? Bill Pellington wrote a piece for the NY Times all about golf: specifically, 12 Reasons Golf is the Greatest. Golfers get it, and non-golfers get a better appreciation of why it’s such a hugely popular sport. Here’s a list of some of our favorite reasons to play golf:

How Building Services Loves Golf Because…

  1. Golf is freedom. No other game is played on 200+ acres of wide open field and carefully-appointed trees. You get to leave behind the noisy stadiums and strictly-bounded courts and freely move about. Sure, you’re supposed to play on the short grass, but you don’t have to!
  2. Golf has the best views. No flashing neon signs, no cookie-cutter arenas. You can find golf courses in the mountains, on the sea-side, and everywhere in between.
  3. Everyone is welcomed. Introverts have the freedom to wander the golf course at will, and extroverts can always find a group to play with. In either case, you’ll meet interesting creatures: whether human or animal!
  4. The sounds are unbeatable: as Pellington puts it, “the crisp sound of a club face contacting the golf ball…The muted ‘thunk’ of a well-played bunker shot. The soft, little plunk heard from the fairway when an approach shot lands on the green. The clatter of clubs in the bag bumping along the fairway, a practiced cadence of leisure on the move.”

As the French would say, “ca donne envie” — it makes you want to go play golf and experience all this for yourself. Why not consider building a golf house in West Chester? No matter where you live around Philadelphia, golf houses are a great way of taking that unique experience to the next level.

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